Sunday, March 23, 2014

I decided to throw an Under the Sea themed party for my daughter Mackenzie's 2nd Birthday a few weeks ago. My mom bought the movie for her and she absolutely loved it! so much that she would ask for it to be played "one more" time. I wanted as much handcrafted items as possible. I enlisted the help from my beautiful sister Vanessa at Amaya Party Productions to help me bring my vision for this party to life. I can't thank her enough for putting so much of her time and energy into this party.
 We created a gift table with cable box candy take homes, crayon roll ups, bubbles and starfish hair clips.
 We had submarine sandwiches, shell pasta, starfish pb&j sandwiches and lots of sugary treats
 The backdrop was also handmade along with the cake & cupcakes by Olivia at Tip Toe Confections

 I really wanted there to be an Ariel at the party and i found the most perfect mermaid at Party Princess Productions. She was amazing! She sang to the kids, read a book, painted there faces and played with them in the bouncer.
 The seashell chair and backdrop was also done from Amaya Party Productions
 The craft table was perfect for the kids to paint treasure boxes and color photos of the Little Mermaid.

And a few more pictures of the Birthday girl and Ariel

 All photos were taken by my lovely friend Stephanie at Stephanie De La Riva Photography
Hair Accessories by LovMely Accessories